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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It must be true.....I saw it on the Internet

Were you listening this morning?  

The Answer to Grant's question is below, yes I know a bit racy talking about strips this early in the morning....oh no another bad joke from Michael....but the answer is still below this post in my P.S..

Recently I saw a rather interesting “You-Tube” video (see link but please DO NOT Copy this guy's flawed instructions (*** See DISCLAIMER BELOW) that it highlights something important about the Internet, I’ll post it today to my blog at turnitupmike dot blogspot dot com

This particular video I saw is full of factual errors, is misleading and all the guy was trying to do was to demonstrate how he’d go about making a home made heat pack.

Now, for those who don’t know, a home made heat pack is can be made by using cotton material like a cotton sock
- sew (not sow) a rectangle of cotton fabric into a convenient shape and filling it with uncooked wheat or rice grains.  
You can follow these instructions if you want to make one



or search here for more who knows what you might find 

You can add essential oils and herbs (see that last link above for more info) and gently warm it in a microwave …
… IF you follow certain safety precautions (like NEVER heat it for too long and many people suggest putting a mug of cold water into the microwave when you do heat it and be careful the mug of water doesn't overboil when you bump it taking it out....

It could happen with tap water in certain containers with smooth sides I'm told, despite what mythbusters say      

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS???? Not this guy.
In his video he uses a cardboard box, metal staples (yup for something to go in the microwave....always a no no) and fills it with his breakfast cereal. 

So next time you hear someone say:

...." it must be true....…. I saw it on the Internet..."

Tell them to ...

Turn It Up
I’m Michael Robinson

p.s. Is that strip of concrete in the middle of the road a:

a) "Media strip"?

b) "Medium strip"?


c) "Median strip"?

If you were listening to Grant Goldman this morning just before my comment you would know that ......

.....the correct answer is...... c ....Median = middle..... the median strip is in the middle of the road. Next time you hear otherwise you will understand why that person is doing the traffic report and not teaching English.

*** DISCLAIMER : This is what happens when the internet makes information available to everyone worldwide....I've lost count of how many things this guy gets wrong on this how to....please do NOT follow his example. Search elsewhere, but if someone says something and they say "I saw it online" well that don't make it correct, it just means someone posted it online....that doesn't make it right.

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