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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do we really want fearful brainwashed children that are afraid of sun, air, soil and water?

Wendy Harmer's column Sunday's Telegraph (page 41) is about the mind rubbish that is brain washing this generation into eating dangerously. ...Feeding them a diet of commercialized fear and brand endorsed foods that put profit over health.

Many children today carry mental burdens of fears like their fear of going out into the sun they think they will get cancer and die if they get a suntan.
(Then they also carry around brand food images and negative fears that have been implanted into their plastic brains to maximise brand loyalty.)

Now I'm not doctor or trained medical practitioner so this is just my opinion but I actually think many of us could do with more sun at times. We need some exposure to the sun to get our vitamin D to keep our bones and immune systems healthy, ironically Vitamin D helps to fight cancers and if we are eating nutrient and antioxidant rich foods that is what keeps us healthy from sun damage.

But our children are being brainwashed by advertisers who want to feed them their profitable products and services and the message they are getting is not about eating nutritious and healthy foods, but a fear campaign for long term impact.
But do we really want our children growing up fearful of carbon dioxide? Of the air? The Sun? Some children won't even get soil on them because of their childhood fears of germs.....Turn It Up, I'm Michael Robinson.

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