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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'd be shocked if the PM didn't

Rudd shock leaks - I'd be shocked if the PM didn't

Well anyone following the Wiki Leaks story of late will know that yesterday the world was shocked by reports telling us that Kevin Rudd had not only spoken with American Diplomats but he had urged them to be firm and cautious with translation.

Yes apparently just when everyone thought Rudd as PM only ever spoke in Chinese and to the Chinese on international issues WikiLeaks reveals a completely different story.

Will China be surprised by all this? Not at all. Security and international intelligence experts tell us that no one in those communities will be surprised by any of this as countries spy on each other and know what the other is saying in these sorts of diplomatic discussions but its still best left as back channel chatter.

What is a bit surprising to me is for some over the past day to feign surprise that Kevin Rudd would be urging America to play nice with China but be prepared to get tough and perhaps even to use military force if necessary.

Keep in mind that countries like China would have their ways of knowing what was being discussed. Knowing that would anyone seriously suggest that we would be better served if the Australian Prime Minister's correspondence with our allies like America contained the terms “she'll be right mate”?

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(P.S. Yes I know I haven't linked to the Wiki .. Leaks site itself …. is it that hard to find?)

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