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Monday, December 13, 2010

New Year ... New Maths

Maybe I'm not using the same maths as our Prime Minister.

Last week the Australian government gave away $45million to help Indonesia cope with the rising costs of coping with implementing global warming changes, and apparently that was in Australia's interests, even though the only changes so far have been increased costs of implementing policy changes for a fictional global warming future.
At the same time as our PM's signing cheques (see note 1.) to send public money to overseas countries the Federal government announced that it would help farmers who have been devastated by the floods with … wait for it … loans – not by helping them get back on their feet or by developing water infrastructure to feed Australia and the world, but helping them get into more debt.

Am I the only one that has a problem with our government handing out money to countries overseas and helping them and not our own?
Then on the weekend she comes out and says putting a price on carbon is her number one priority to help ease the uncertainty the Australian public is facing with electricity costs.
Sure, ease the uncertainty, a price on carbon will surely do that all right, we'll know for sure that we won't be able to afford the electricity bill because that will push prices up Prime Minister, increased costs will do that …. or are you using some form of green maths that I didn't study in school … Turn It Up.
Wouldn't think that's so hard say the words cheque signing....but I really messed up the words cheque signing this morning .... looks like all 2SM listeners now understand what happens when a dishlexic speaks too much...apologies to listeners.
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