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Friday, December 3, 2010

Jesus Christ is the Reason for the Season and I'm offended if you even try to ban the Christ in our Christmas

Well it looks like just one day after someone at Centrelink decided to ban any mention or appearance of Christ at Christmas this year thankfully public pressure and a bit of Ministerial good sense has seen that weightless memo overturned.

But here is the comment and the attitude that I want to take issue with.
There are some who say that modern Australia needs to hide Christianity so as to not offend non-Christians.
For many years I've used a saying; “That if you try to offend no-one you end up offending everyone.”

This is thin ice type multi-divisive-split-society-culturalism where we tippy toe around imagined and fabricated sensitivities and sensibilities.  It ignores the reality that Australia has a culture and it is one of recognising we all have our own family culture and backgrounds and heritage. We all have our own personal and religious beliefs and we are not only free to have them, but we are also free to talk about them, celebrate them and to do so publicly.

Frankly if some public servant is holding committee planning meetings on how not to offend people then take note I am offended and I'm confident I'm not the only one.  In this great country I'm sure there are many others who finds it extremely offensive that anyone would even dare consider sanitising Christmas and try to scrub Jesus from the season.

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TOUGH line of the day, courtesy of Tanya Plibersek: "I was disappointed to learn today that a junior departmental officer had written a memo to Centrelink and Medicare offices suggesting people should not display nativity scenes as part of Christmas decorations. The memo was inappropriate and I have ordered that the Grinch be found and counselled." Yikes. For good measure, Plibersek wishes every one of us a merry Christmas.

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