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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Water, water everywhere but not a cent to spare on harvesting it for our future

Not so long ago Australians were told by certain political campaigners that we were running out of water and that we lived in a dry continent ... we had to do something drastic to secure water for the population so now we have big and expensive de-salination plants dotted in strategic places.

But it is a much harder argument to raise at a time like this when significant parts of QLD and NSW are under flood water and all Australians have heard about or seen pictures of the inland wet and scarcely a drop of that is being harvested and moved to where it could be used for primary production.

So what can we do?

The Liberal National Coalition suggested an infrastructure fund that would pay for itself in a decade. Investing in harvesting even part of the water that falls each year in North of the nation would about of $20 Bn, the same money the Government says it is putting into fast internet in the NBN. $20Bn would supply water to Australia's farmers currently being forced off the land or forced to buy water rights. $20bn invested would attract more money and would not only feed Australians but produce more than $100Bn in national export income, paying off the cost in this decade.
And Julia Gillard tells us the most important issue for her Government is faster internet – Turn It Up

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