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Monday, December 6, 2010

Give prevention a genuine chance before saying it hasn't worked.

Hot on the heels of the recent drug-legalisation group's big promotional tour to Australia the Sydney Morning Herald has published a news story about the floundering Federal and state governments' amphetamine crack down.

But what more can Australia's current drug policies do when we have the government advisory body itself divided and floundering on focus and direction and so instead of having clear and focussed policy with clear direction, backed up by action by law enforcement supported by education and medical intervention. Instead we have a half baked drugs policy that guarantees its own failure, and you might well ask is that in fact their way of setting Australia up for full blown legalisation?

Of course critics of "Prevention" will say it has failed, and will point things like the cost of this $20 million amphetamine crackdown program and the lack of its effectiveness & say it has failed but what they won't say is that the government's own drugs policy advisors have managed to white ant government drug policies to ensure their failures to put Australia in a no-win situation.

So we have a Federal Labor government needing the Greens to retain power and the NSW March state governments election very much dependent on what the major political parties do on policies like drug policies and their dances with the minor parties. There are some who want to swap preferences and do a merry dance with the Greens. You know what I say...Turn It Up. I'm Michael Robinson.

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