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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Legalisation of drug use is a confused policy

I've said in the past that you'd have to smoke a lot of dope before you think legalisation of drugs is a good idea, but there are some who want it, and their reasoning is equally as confused when you get into the detail of their argument, nevertheless they are passionate and persistent.

Mind you the current policy in NSW says if you were on a train station you could light up a cannabis joint and get nothing more than a warning but light up a tobacco cigarette and you could appear before a magistrate.

Ethan Nadleman's is the international poster boy for durg legalisation and his current visit to Australia has fired up the local pro-legalisation crowd. Their argument is that law enforcement has failed to stop drug use so we might as well surrender to the problem and tax it.

Most of the people who say this at least publicly express concern over health issues and so long as you don't scratch too far beneath the detail of their argument they argue it passionately, but legalisation equals more use and more use equals more problems.

Look at history of tobacco smoking as a warning because it repeats all the same mistakes - first quasi medicinal claims, then taxing it, none of these prevent the problems of use.

We need a comprehensive prevention policy with education and law enforcement and health all working together for prevention of use. ... and for the intervention and rehabilitation of users.

I know some will claim legalisation is better...Turn It Up.

There are quite a lot of ironies and hidden agendas when you start getting into the issues around substance use, abuse and addiction and most of them are pushed by the same kind of people who will light up a cigarette around others and blow smoke in your face because they simply don't care about themselves or about anyone else.

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