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Monday, December 13, 2010

Experienced NSW MP's falling like dominoes

Well you have to hand it to NSW Premier Kristina Keneally. As Premier she said to her top henchmen, err I mean um ar Labor party officials that she wanted new blood and they are pushing out MP's like toppling dominoes.
This is something I spoke about months ago when I predicted that Labor would go to the 2011 polls with some new members asking the public for a do over.

This isn't the first time NSW Labor has gone to the polls with a new team asking the public for a second chance – out with the old please give our new team a go...and all that.
How many second chances can you ask for? So Kristina certainly is proceeding to ensure that the message is clear enough, it is going to be as new of a team as she can get but this time around we don't just tinker around the edges, I really want a new team, get rid of anyone with any experience at all,she's clearly told the party, and her henchmen, errr I mean party officials have gone to task.

If Labor does win the next election it ensures the Premier's position goes unchallenged because there won't be anyone left in parliament except for her who knows how things work in there …. pushing dominoes as an election winning strategy.   But you have to ask, is this grass roots politics?

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