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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Freedoms under attacks

Today The Australian newspaper carries survey results from a Macquarie University survey that reminds us that some in our society are so closed minded that they put the views of atheists and agnostics forward as true and factual and anyone with any other view is treated as somewhat mentally ill and derided.
This has been an attitude by those with spontaneous and self inspired wisdom on the “left” of political discourse and it is hypocritical because if someone had labelled those who don't believe in God has having disturbing beliefs and mocking their views as being simply made up you know they wouldn't stand for it.
Religious instruction in schools is protected by constitutional law (The reason church run schools were given over to the state to run was because the state “promised” to protect these rights) and it is so in order for parents to ensure that the religion they believe is taught to their children.

It isn't a matter for some university lecturer or some philosophy student, or even some radical political social experimenter to decide what your children and mine should be taught about what our family's religious believes. Scripture class is the final place where parents still get to have any influence over how their own children are educated.
I thought we still living in a country where the importance of the family, freedom of religion and freedom of speech were important and protected – yeah right - Turn It Up.

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