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Friday, May 27, 2011

Warning about artificial sweeteners, even more dangerous than sugar.

I just read this from a Facebook group and I've read a lot about artificial sweeteners so I wanted to post this somewhere, and put some links and background for this.

I was first tipped off to this by a great friend of mine, Lulu Langford.  Her website is a great source of information and is constantly being added to.

When Lulu first started telling me things about avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners I thought "here's one of these fanatical health types wants me to avoid all the nice food".  That's what we think isn't why?

Lulu and those like her aren't anti-fun-food, they have learned the dangers of putting the wrong things inside of us and one of the most dangerous to us is common sugar.  We don't think of it like that do we, but sugar changes our blood and body's chemistry and when that happens all sorts of things go wrong.

But avoiding sugar isn't enough, we need to avoid artificial sweeteners just as much.

Here is what one friend on a Facebook group I'm in had to say about them to give a quick introduction I've copied her post word for word, thanks Erin hope you don't mind because I did this then thought about asking later.....I guess if you do mind I'll have to remove this entire post or write something brilliant myself.

(p.s. This isn't a topic I've done on radio, just posting it here because those who make it this far might be interested)

Erin Greenhill (POASTED ON FACEBOOK)  
I've said this for years, and I was just discussing it the other day on Deidre's Foods for fibro group. I'm going to abbreviate "Artificial Sweetener to A/S to help my hands, lol.

Splenda's marketing department wins the gold medal for snowing the whole world over ... it has a lot of people duped because the ads say"It tastes like sugar because it's made with sugar" which is true but the part they don't tell you is that it's made in a lab, with a hydrogen atom being replaced with a CHLORINE atom (yes, like the bleach in your laundry room!).

I think that ALL artificial sweeteners are EVIL. NOBODY is better off for using them in their food. I am okay with sugarless gum, because it's been shown to be good for your teeth to remove bits of food, but that's it.

Our bodies don't know what to do with these sweeteners, for one. For seconds, one of the versions of Type 2 Diabetes is caused by "insulin resistance" which is just your pancreas making insulin that doesn't work -- I believe fully that this has a lot to do with A/S. When we have a Diet Pepsi , say, our brain gets the message "Sweets Incoming" and sends the order to the pancreas to make and release insulin. The pancreas does it so then all of a sudden there's all this insulin running around ready to work, and nothing to work ON. So then you go slightly low blood-sugar (or a LOT, as in my case) and pick up something with quick-carbs, like a chocolate bar, or white crackers, to counter-act the insulin. The rest of the insulin goes back to the pancreas and says "Nothin to do, bored, gonna laze around here for a while" The pancreas sees a lot of GOOD workers sitting around doing absolutely nothing, eventually going out to work, but a bit at a time. So the next time it gets the order from the brain, it sends out workers that aren't so great -- because why 'hire' the good workers when cheaper workers are available? And this happens over and over again ... so basically you get unskilled labourers (resistant insulin) doing the job of highly skilled workers (normal insulin). So now, we're seeing RECORD numbers of people with Type 2 diabetes, and record numbers of people who are obese... yet they all drink diet pop, they're all using A/S ...
If Artificial Sweeteners did what they should do, what they are marketed to do (keep the caloric intake down) then how come so many people who use them are fat??? (and no offense meant by that, I'm overweight myself right now)
THAT is why I think that they are EVIL.

Also -- a friend of mine was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few years ago. She got a specialist fairly quickly (she was connected) and the first thing he asked was what her diet food intake was, and she admitted being addicted to fountain Diet Pepsi, having about 2-4 L per day (4 litres is about a gallon) -- he told her that he would not treat her or consider her for any clinical trials he had going on if she didn't immediately STOP the diet pop, that he found that a lot of his patients' lesions weren't as bad, or didn't progress further after they stopped. Food for thought for anyone on the fence about it.
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My comments continue about this:
So should we use sugar?  Nope

Check out books like Robert O Young's "pH Miracle" the latest version has a lot of extra research and explains why we need nutrients and not sugar, even less simple carbs.  

Sure you'll get some in good nutritious food but we don't need to eat sugar....we just don't.  In fact more than don't those in the know say to treat is as a poison far worse than what we think of salt with salt being important for us and sugar being a poison.  How is that for something to consider.....if you aren't yet ready to accept that statement then consider this .... why are so many people who "eat well" getting so sick as a population?

Sugar is altering the body's chemistry and in turn creating a sick body for a myriad of diseases to be seen.

Let health be our guide, not the deceptive dance or  taste of sweets dancing in our mouth.

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