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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Great Distraction

Recently The American President Obama held a press conference about the existence and legitimacy of his birth certificate.

He didn’t release his long form birth certificate with footprints on it, they released some government receipt variation of a birth certificate, or did they?

and does it matter?

The American economy is going down the plug hole, Americans are losing their businesses, farms, jobs, houses and lives because of decisions that are being made and if you can’t trust the people in power, if you can’t be certain that they are honest and are who they say they are then where do you stand in a democracy?

Many will say the birth certificate issue is a distraction from important matters of policy and running the government, and it is.

That’s why the issue is important to keep limping along. (To keep many people distracted from holding the government to account on other issues)

Those who won’t vote for Obama will be distracted from the tough issues by this and...
Obama himself, simply says trust me …. 

Turn It Up.

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