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Monday, May 23, 2011

PM Will Not Find Refuge From Lousy Policy

The only good thing that has come from this recently announcement that the Gillard Government plans to do a 5 for one refugee swap with the Malaysians is that it has put Malaysia’s appalling human rights reputation front and centre.

But for a moment wind the calendar  back a few years and put John Howard in the Prime Minister’s seat with a Liberal government, of course they would not have even considered such a lousy policy, lousy for Australia and lousy for the people affected by this policy.

But imagine it for a moment, if they had. 

They would have of course been faced with strong and vocal criticism from the then Opposition.

Julia Gillard would have been front and centre of the critics condemning a Liberal Government for even considering sending refugees to a country like Malaysia with their appalling human rights record regarding those seeking refuge.

Yet with Julia Gillard now in the Prime Minister’s seat somehow she expects people to think this lousy policy shouldn’t be criticised  because Labor doesn’t get things wrong.

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