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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Never Tolerate Intolerance

The issue of terrorism is something we should never tolerate.

Sadly for some time many peoples around the world have used violence to intimidate or kill off those they don’t agree with.

For a moment I want to raise the issue of those who have been, and many still are, being terrorised, persecuted, starved, victimised, tortured and even those killed because they are different to someone else.

Different tribe, skin colour, ethnic group, often different religion.

In many countries across Africa and even India and into Asia, even places like Fiji, being a Christian puts you at the biggest risk of these atrocities, but many people around the world seem afraid to condemn extremists for their murderous attacks.

After the Nigerian Presidential election over 300 Christian churches were burned to the ground by Muslim extremists with simultaneous attacks on Christian homes, businesses and places of worship.

Should we remain silent or tolerant such injustices so as to not offend someone, with the same religion, living in our country?  

Turn It Up.





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