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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ban Carbon Dioxide....if it is that serious.

(Blog posts are back! Sorry about the gap, While the radio segment continued so did a few other activities that prevented me from being at the computer long enough to get some of these posts done at the time....back now and apologies to followers. Trust everyone is understanding. Thanks.)

The evils of carbon dioxide

WE are all being told to stop polluting the planet with terrible carbon dioxide pollution, “their” words not mine.

The Greens, now joined by the government, have a hope, that by raising taxes on carbon dioxide production that those producing the stuff will stop doing so.

Well frankly I know a few people who produce quite a bit of carbon dioxide themselves, and any high school student will know that green plants also produce carbon dioxide, as well as absorbing it.

Am I the only one who wonders why the government doesn’t just ban it altogether and be done with the half hearted efforts. 

If it is that serious and the future of the planet is at stake lets simply ban anyone from using or producing carbon, and carbon dioxide. 

Nothing more to say!
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