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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Climate Change Is Yet Another Political Distraction

If you look across modern history it becomes easy to see that every generation sees governments play out a game of distracting and dividing the public with a political game of smoke and mirrors.

While global warming is said to be this generation’s issue that must be dealt with at all costs, there are a lot of Australians who will remember that just a few decades ago we were all being told that the world would soon be covered with ice due to global cooling from exactly the same influences.

Once you start scratching beneath the surface of the rhetoric you find that there are both natural global and sun activity cycles and some of those that affect Australia are about 30 years in duration.  

But these aren’t the only side issues that governments have used over time to distract public attention .

So the question that must be asked is why would governments go to so much trouble?

Is it because global warming is in fact the most important issue the world is facing?

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