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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tobacco Giant exposes drugs legalisation lobby myth

Yesterday British American Tobacco’s CEO, Mr David Crow raised not just the issues of how big tobacco companies will try to keep their market share and profits if the Australian government tries to reduce both, but he also raised another interesting public issue.

In his media conference yesterday he actual exposed much of the nonsensical rhetoric that comes from the pro drugs legalisation lobby.

Many pro drugs campaigners over the years have claimed that if governments legalised all drugs, taxed them and regulated them, then that would make the community safer by removing the criminal element from the sale of illicit and addictive drugs.

However there is still a very strong, billion dollar, unregulated, untaxed, and profitable criminal enterprise of illegal tobacco in Australia.

If we legalised all addictive drugs, regulated them, and taxed them would  the criminal interest in all drugs really just vanish?

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