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Monday, August 1, 2011

Why Australia's Public Education is Failing The Public and Education

Good Morning Di,

It is no secret that Australia’s education system isn’t passing on to students the foundations that they need to make it in the world of tomorrow.

Now I’m not going to criticise all teachers, because they are doing the job the system requires of them even though we know some teachers could be doing a lot better.

The main fault lies with system itself that is failing students.

Students of today have a busier curriculum than ever before but many are leaving school knowing less than ever.

On any view there are two clear standout reasons why this is.

The first reason is that young brains don’t function well on poor nutrition.

The second reason, that has been well documented by Kevin Donnelly’s Edstandards website
is the national "politically correct" curriculum and enforced socialist styled brain washing of students.

Public education no longer teaches students to learn and think for themselves but tells them what they are allowed to learn - and how to think.

And under those conditions we expect students to excel?

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