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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Religious Instruction In School Is A Right and Freedom That We Must Protect

One of the big trending issues of late is the place of religious education in schools.
Unfortunately a lot of what passes comment is little more than a mumble jumble of uninformed opinions.  The drivel of the doubters and the rants and ravings of those who are anti-religion.

While the uninformed and biased unbelievers preach their belief that there should be no place in school for anyone who has any religious belief - at all -  they ignore two key things.  
Our history and our constitution.

Both protect the freedom of religious instruction in schools, not for political reasons, but because the foundation education is about protect the family’s rights and freedoms

...and the rights of each family must be protected to ensure that families can have someone from their religious community instruct their child during school time with instruction in keeping with that family’s religious beliefs.

As for those who want to erase those freedoms, tell them to...

….Turn It Up

I’m Michael Robinson

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