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Friday, October 22, 2010

Anyone who knows me well will know that for more than a decade I've been one of Australia's most vocal and prominent spokespeople on the issues around the prevention of substance abuse and addition.
So it with staggering amazement that I read this week that Victoria's Deputy Police Commissioner has let himself get sucked into the debate telling a conference on crime that we need to look at legalisation of illicit drugs.
Mind you in the same breath he said his comments were in response to suggestions by academics and what I would call pro drug stirrers around the world who for decades have been pushing this ridiculous line that because people are breaking the law we should toss laws out and legalise all drugs, not matter what they are or what they do.
When Australia dropped Say No to Drugs we got it wrong, we promoted managing drug use over non use and of course prevention doesn't work perfectly, but that doesn't me we throw it out.
If we went around scrapping laws just because they were difficult to enforce or that we needed to put a lot more education into helping young people make better choices we'd have no laws at all.

Maybe that is actually what some people want, but to then call them experts and give them a public audience …. Turn It Up, I'm Michael Robinson

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