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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bully for Bullies

The problem of childhood bullying is one that is regularly in the news and it is one that schools with their political correctness think they can go it alone to solve, and they are making things worse for many students.
There is a saying that violence breeds violence, and there are those who will say when kids stand up for themselves and pound a bully a good one the first time ... things are different, of course in most political correct school programs the person who won the fight would be in big trouble not the bully who started it. We need to teach our children that they need confidence but also need to know when not to have resort to violence.

Of course bullying isn't new it has gone on for generations and what parents need to learn is that for generations families have been foundation of children's development. Politically correct talk-fests at school might help but schools today need to support families not undermine them and children need to know they belong, they are loved and that injustice isn't tolerated.

They learn that at home and take it into the school yard, and nothing makes a parent more proud than when you learn your child stuck up for some little kid who was being picked on and that's when you, TURN IT UP. I'm Michael Robinson

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