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Monday, October 18, 2010

Should we and can we prevent poverty?

Today's news carries a story about leading churches and charities who have called on governments for action on poverty here in Australia.

Now some may dare suggest that Bob Hawke dealt with this issue years ago, but as it turns out, he didn't.

In fact the poverty being talked about is a forgotten level of poverty. Of people, many of whom are working, renting homes or perhaps even paying mortgages but they earn such low levels of income, and when bills like electricity bills rise the money to pay those bills comes from the money they were using to buy food.

Many are too proud to ask for welfare assistance but even with welfare assistance when an Australian individual or family is struggling financially, struggling to pay their bills and to buy food, struggling to pay the electricity bills … Its not WHEN it comes to that, we already HAVE that in Australia.

Hopefully our politicians are listening to what these charities have to say today, because they are speaking up for those who aren't being heard by the same politicians who spend millions each year on spin doctors telling us how much they've helped us all. Turn it up. I'm Michael Robinson.

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