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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The 'mud' the PM throws in strong wind blows back in her face

On Friday I spoke about the news reports that Tony Abbott hadn't visited the troops in Afghanistan well has has not it can be revealed and it was a planned trip that Julia Gillard knew he would take. She could have said that when her office was asked, rather than take a cheap shot because he didn't go with her

you would think news that Abbott's recent visit had been planned and Julia Gillard knew about it would so some media (see point one) and the Prime Minister eating their words, but no Julia Gillard shas turned it back on Tony Abbott saying

``I am not concerned about the hurly-burly of politics,'' she said.

``I think my reputation in the parliament particularly is that I give as good as I get ... So I'm not worried about that.''
and then she goes on to talk about
the debate which focuses heavily on gender politics. And suggests Tony Abbott should check his facts.

This from a Prime Minister who recently stood before the Australian people pledging a kinder, gentler and more bipartisan cooperative parliament in the interests of stability, and at the first opportunity she's using her office and security information she is privy to to attack the Opposition leader …. Turn It Up … I”m Michael Robinson

point one

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