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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Government scared off when public takes up their rebate schemes

Over the past few days we've had announcements by successive governments that some time in the next generation or two the NSW could duplicate the harbour tunnel, but not any time soon. We've also seen the government panic because so many people took up a lucrative solar energy subsidy scheme that saw them be paid money for generating solar energy and putting it into the grid, but the government is now worried that lots of people have taken up that scheme and now its actually costing lots of money so they are winding it back.

Hang on, isn't that the point of such a scheme to actually have people take it up? Or has the government suddenly had a wake up call that a lot more work needs to be done on renewable energy sources before they become cost effective and they shouldn't be wasting public money on such schemes until they are at least a little more efficient.

Then of course there are the roads and traffic systems throughout NSW, if you are in the country you have to put up with poorly constructed roads and in the city poorly constructed overcrowded roads the recent government solution is to tell people to have less children....Turn It Up. I'm Michael Robinson

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