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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Get on yer bike

I have to declare an interest and perhaps a little bias on today's topic.
Knocked off my bike as a child, by a hit and run driver. It took me months to recover physically but to be blunt I never had the same enthusiasm for riding on the road again.

So watching Sydney's expanding network of bike paths even I must ask the question do we really need bike paths instead of roads?

The development of bike paths and safety for bike riders should not be at the expense of already overcrowded roads, Nor does it make sense to crush small businesses and dig up parking spaces and replace them with with bike paths that are used by only a handful of people.
Bikes and cars don't mix, there is no question about that. But city planners need to realise that cities are shared zones. We need roads, and parking, and footpaths and where it is possible, bike paths, but it should never be an either, or, situation.

Out of touch city planners who don't have to worry about real life activities might get re-elected by the inner city apartment dwellers, but do they represent the needs of the city? Turn It Up, I'm Michael Robinson

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