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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Electrifying power bills

The Daily Telegraph today carries a story about Government Ministers running a distraction campaign to cover up their true plans for electricity in NS.W.
If you do the maths previous governments have siphoned off over ten thousand million dollars from electricity customers and now our power bills must 'skyrocket' to replace that capital for repairs and new infrastructure … The result is there are more increases in our electricity bill ahead. Increases that are already exceeding 10 times the rate of the rise in household income.
Electricity is, after all, a government controlled essential service monopoly and the public must pay the bill, the government knows it.

They think they might get away with it. Maybe tossing the Salvation Army a few coins from government's loose change, might ease their guilty consciences, and it is much needed by those people like the Salvos help but the problem we all face is that government Ministers don't seem to truly understand the pain of having to decide to pay an electricity bill instalment and not eat that week. That isn't charity, that is extortion.
And the nonsense that the sky is falling is nothing but a distraction...
Turn it up.

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