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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Barefoot fisherman walks away from croc attack....tough or ..........???

Most times I like to comment on the serious and important issues in life. Issues that affect us all and issues we are all trying to understand and come to grips with.

Well frankly there are so many of them that at times it is difficult to decide which ones I should talk about and which ones I skip over but today there is a story I must talk about.

No its not the grandstanding barefoot protester who chucked a wobbly …. John Howard nor is it the rush of politicians from the sinking good ship HMAS NSW.

Nope … it is a story from the always interesting Northern Territory News paper about a bloke who talks it up as good as the Mick Dundee movie character Hoges made famous.

In September this 60 something year old bloke stepped on a 2m salt water croc while out fishing and as they are want to do, the salty bit his leg to defend his fishing spot.

Not to be deterred Bill Boustead's still out there fishing , still out there barefoot, some may call him brave, tough, courageous, but a few other words come to my mind … Turn It Up

I'm Michael Robinson

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