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Monday, October 25, 2010

Education hype not all it is cracked up to be.

If you only followed news headlines and sound bites you would think that all Australia's education system needed was even more money and to have it now directed to reduce class sizes and we'd miraculously rocket to the top of the international education class.

But dig a little deeper and you'd discover that it isn't quite that straight forward.

Kevin Donnelly, has been an advisor to numerous governments, and is an author of a number of significant books about education in Australia. He has been quite vocal in his criticism that a national curriculum with little to no real choice between one school's curriculum and the next risks dumbing down Australia's education to the point that many other factors that determine education outcomes are dragged down with it.

If you listen to the mantra from the teacher's and their union you might think that it is class sizes that is crucial to good education outcomes, and no doubt that can help, but the thing that will hamper Australia's education future is the very thing Julia Gillard seems intent on leaving Australia as her political legacy and that will be lack of choice in the curriculum where finally the government, and not the parents, determine education choices for all ….. Turn It Up.

Michael Robinson
Monday 25th October 2010

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