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Friday, October 15, 2010

Labour influenced by Green's dripping policies

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a keen gardener, and when I garden I add compost, mulch, manure, straw, kitchen scraps, sawdust … you get the idea. I'm no permaculture expert, but I know it works.

The result has been phenomenal, I have rich garden beds that grow wonderful vegies and with the organic matter in the soil and mulch on top of the soil it retains water in the dry like I could not have hoped for when I began.

I also have a preference for eating locally grown food, the less distance food has to travel the fresher it is, well all know that, and often food that comes from overseas who knows what toxins and pesticides got through the honest box at Customs not to mention less transport related pollution to get local food to local consumers

So I struggle with this issue of governments who say they want to protect the people and the environment then go about just taking the water off farmers to return it to river flows with no effort to see both have a future.

It strikes me that a government that can only take water away from farmers and leave them out to dry is leaving all Australians out to dry. Turn it up, I'm Michael Robinson

Other issues Australia's Green parties and their influence on the current government are failing us on.

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