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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doctors Who Fail First Aid Skills

Many years ago I was a eager branch member and assistant first aid trainer in the Lismore St. John's Brigade branch. During that time being trained and also helping in the training of others I learned a lot of valuable skills.
Since my days in the Lismore St John's First Aid Brigade I have relied on that training many times, sometimes for my own injuries, our children's, but also on a number of occasions to help complete strangers.
A few weeks ago while walking to a bus stop I witnessed an elderly lady sitting on a bus stop seat just lean forward and collapse onto the ground.
At the time, and with the assistance of two other people nearby who also had first aid we were able to help her and not long after she was moved into what is called the correct recovery position her condition improved so much so that by the time the ambulance arrived just a few more minutes later she had regained consciousness.

So it is that recent reports that doctors are not keeping up to date on their CPR skills is disappointing.
I'd like to see everyone who holds a driver's licence be required to do a First Aid Certificate course every time they renew their licence. As for the debate about changing triple zero to some European number … Turn It Up
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