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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Australian Industrial Relations

A story in the Australian today (See note 1. & 2) gets into this area of political promises and those words “never ever”.

During the election campaign the ALP scare tactics suggested that the Libs would bring back the worst of their previous industrial relations (IR) package (that the ALP had dumped) and of course there was no mention of some of the good points of previous policies.

This week Joe Hockey prominently began that process of recognising that Australians want a public debate about this issue.

Tony Abbott's recent election policy position was to maintain the Status Quo for a period of stability, and have that debate over the next few years.

(See note 3.)

But in 2010, and beyond, it would be undemocratic for certain sections of the media, or politics, to try and squash a public debate on industrial relations or start throwing misleading suggestions that the Coalition promised to “never ever” revisit the issue. Tony Abbott promised IR stability in this term, and a to follow the public's demands on future policy directions. That is what politicians are supposed to do and yet we will still get some who will criticise the Opposition for now listening to the public, 

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I'm Michael Robinson.

1. With the election barely over and parliament under way the issue of Industrial Relations has been raised in a Peter van Onselen piece in the Australian today.


3. About 10,000 votes nationally handed Kevin Rudd the 07 election but the ALP created a myth that there was overwhelming public support for significant Industrial Relations reforms. Therefore understandable when there was a public perception that the Kevin 07 Campaign had a mandate to dump Work Choices despite the 07 election reality of how close that election actually was. There actual difference between a Coalition loss and win that handed the 07 election to the Rudd ALP campaign was less than 10,000 votes nationally it was widely reported at the time.

4. There were some elements of Work Choices the public clearly disliked, but to the same extent jobs require confident employers and the ALP risks stifling that confidence.

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