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Friday, October 8, 2010

You just know everyone was thinking it but no one said it.

Its no secret now, I slept in yesterday missed the segment and I sincerely apologise for that. At least I don't get criticised by the national media like Tony Abbott did for admitting that he was human and jet lagged and wanted to be alert when he does meet with the troops.

Sure Tony Abbott is expected to represent the high regard the Australian people have for our serving troops but should he be risking parliamentary stability by going to the front line of a war zone at the same as the Prime Minister or should he hang back just in case the Opposition are needed to do a Stephen Bradbury in Australian politics?

No one wants to talk about it but should the worst possible thing happen to Julia Gillard during her visit to the front line troops the very people who talked about government stability, and a stable government going the distance would be asking why Tony Abbott was there with the PM at all.

The real issue should be the troops, not grandstanding politics or political mud slinging.

I'm sure Tony Abbott will visit the troops but visiting them with a Prime Minister who from day one has had a target on her back? Turn It Up …. I”m Michael Robinson

Next week's topics will include toilets you can't use to meat you shouldn't use.

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  1. More on this story at

    Tony Abbott takes aim at Julia Gillard over Afghan trip 'bastardry'
    By Paul Toohey From: The Australian October 11,

    Gung ho Tony Abbott fires a Steyr rifle during range practice at the coalition base at Tarin Kowt.

    Picture: Gary Ramage

    Abbott says PM knew about his trip
    Claims she exploited need for secrecy
    "It was an act of low bastardry by Gillard"
    Pictures: Action-man Abbott in Aghanistan
    Opinion: Labor resorting to cheap shots
    TONY Abbott says he told Julia Gillard at a meeting on September 22 that he had booked a visit to the Australian troops in Afghanistan.

    In what he has called an "act of low bastardry", he says she failed to reveal this information as a corrosive argument ran unchecked as to which political party was more supportive of the troops.

    The Opposition Leader yesterday revealed to The Australian that he had told the Prime Minister about his plans to make his trip to Afghanistan, well ahead of Ms Gillard's statement that she had offered Mr Abbott the chance to travel with her to visit Australian troops in the war zone.

    Top Australian military leaders confirmed at the weekend that the Opposition Leader's travel plans to Afghanistan had been locked in for weeks.

    Story continues at.......

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