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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bush requires back burning prevention

Governments with their structures, resources and focus are, for the most part, ready and able to jump into a crisis management role and we've seen that in the floods of late. Of course some governments do crisis management responses better than others. While some of us could cope with a major regional disaster for a day or two - disaster and survival experts suggest we should all prepare our homes and supplies to ensure we are prepared to sustain ourselves for at least 8 weeks if a major disaster event should occur.
The difference of this sort of preparation of course is comparing the crisis management of disaster response to the proactive preparation that can be undertaken.

I was reminded yesterday that we haven't seen many bush fires for a while and that is a good thing but there is one aspect of that, however, that is a warning signal – our governments are slipping up on the prevention side of bush fire management.

After the Canberra and in Victoria bush fire disasters, the inquiries found that it was essential to do regular - preventative - back burning every few years in order to reduce the fuel load so that devastating bush fires do not occur.

So you'd expect that our governments would make pre-emptive and preventative fire-load-reduction-burn-offs a priority and allow people to do back burning, .....Turn It Up.


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