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Monday, February 7, 2011

Putting some light on household costs

I don't know if NSW Premier Kristina Keneally is hoping that NSW voters might sneak her government across the line at the March polls but the strategy over the weekend did seem very similar to Julia Gillard's we've lost our way but give us a chance tactics.
It is an interesting election tactic; admit you've made mistakes, admit you've lost your way and beg for voter mercy, but the claim to lower household expenses I think needs to come under a lot closer scrutiny.

For one example take a look at NSW Electricity, this Labor led NSW government has presided over massive increases in electricity retail price increases. Worse, they have failed to invest in essential electricity infrastructure and so whatever happens in March, people and businesses are going to suffer significantly with massive electricity increases now needed to pay for around $15 billion in infrastructure repairs and replacements that should have been undertaken and funded over the past decade.
That means a single pensioner household is now paying around $3 a day for electricity, and we are told that will need to increase to cover these repairs as well as the profit margins of whoever buys into NSW electricity.
Then there is the price increase of a carbon tax to come instead of bringing costs under control the Premier offers some households an increase in their electricity rebate of less than 3 cents a day and she thinks that will be enough....Turn It Up.



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