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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rules Of A Democracy

After yesterday's comment I was taken to task by a few people who know me, some sent me messages online and others spoke to me in person and what they had to say raises an important point.
In brief the issue as I see it is that we as a Christian nation should be showing compassion to those in need.
Whenever the issue of international justice and asylum and refugees comes up this issue does tend to divide Australians and I'm not at all against Australia being compassionate to those in need, lets not forget that as a predominantly Christian nation whatever people's religious faiths we tend to live our lives by Christian morality.

That is why I say we must stop the leaky boats from attempting to make dangerous crossings and putting lives at risk. If we do not then we aren't showing compassion, as I understand it.
Another issue is that of who we allow to stay. Some people say we should screen who we let into this country to ensure that they do fully support the same Christian values and morality.
There is a valid argument that needs to be considered when we consider who we should invite into our country, should we choose Christian over Muslim refugees?
If we look around the world at nations where Muslim laws, values and morality are in place and look at their track record we must decide do we want to become more like those nations … Turn It Up.


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