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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Homosexual characters not needed on all TV shows

Writer and producer of Star Trek, Brannon Braga has said, recently, that he now regrets not not including the portrayal of openly homosexual characters in the series in the Star Trek.
Frankly I think it is a good thing that they didn't include what he calls the wider spectrum of sexuality it would have been a distraction from
simplistic futuristic unreality the show at that time.
The earth's human population seemed to have solved every problem we currently face and set out to explore the stars, and yet if you watched the show they didn't actually answer how they solved anything but they talked about acceptance and unity.

Of course we all know that TV shows are going to carry subtle and sometimes not so subtle messages of what is important to the writer, producer and directing team, and often there will be plot lines and complications about the various agendas that they feel are important at the time.
Everyone is going to say a show like that should have covered something that is important to them … to raise awareness and acceptance …. so ….
Does every movie, every TV show and every episode of every program need to include a token person from every walk of life?
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