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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Health Reform Fails On Prevention

Now Julia Gillard, ever the pragmatic leader, tells us that we now have national health care funding reform and while this week's Federal Agreement on National Health Funding is a step forward, the reality is that it is only really a small step forward.
The states have made some small agreements about small issues and the experts tell us this is how progress is made with the health system here in Australia, in small, and slow, steps.

It reminded me of an issue that many are concerned about but the federal government still fails to put up as a priority. Health funding is not only about caring for the growing numbers of our population, but also the growing expenses involved. Something is will need to be changed significantly and the only thing that will change the trends in both public health and health budget spending is to focus on prevention.
As we all know the benefit of prevention is about reducing the cost of any health episode, but it is also the area of preventative health care that is the most ignored in this entire debate.

So forgive me if I don't stand and applaud when both Labour and Liberal stand together in agreement on national health care because both sides are picking up the same advice and continue to put prevention last on the priorities.......Turn It Up



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