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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tony isn't a Joolia

There are so many important political issues that should be targets of media focus at the moment. But yesterday channel 7 made a decision to put themselves at the centre of the news.

What 7 News have done is played some old footage (at least a month old) that they have now obtained under an FOI (Freedom of Information) Request that wasn't relevant to anything happening in Canberra this week, and it shows Tony Abbott talking privately to troops who have just lost a mate, and despite the cameras the reality is there weren't TV cameras there from the TV network news stations (thus the FOI request).  The soldiers are expressing to him their concerns that if they had more resources maybe, just maybe their mate would be alive, and he responds giving them a response they understood .... he might well have said don't blame yourselves fellas.

Abbott's response to them is something intended for private reassurance, but for those who already don't like Abbott they will no doubt distort this into something else, as the 7 Network have attempted to do.

I'm pretty sure that is what made Tony Abbott bite his tongue in anger when the 7 reporter showed him the footage and asked him to comment.

The big problem here is that Tony Abbott talks with people as a person, that is the context of the discussion with the soldiers that 7 have taken a sound bite grab out of context of the circumstances that were happening to these soldiers at that time. Would we prefer he be more like Joolia? 

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...more on important topics tomorrow.



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  1. More news comments


    I haven't spoken much about the real and the previously not real Julia Gillard, a comment she herself raised in the last election campaign, but that comment is going to linger

    as for this....??????

    More Aussies are suggesting Abbott was seriously thinking of "decking" the reporter....hmmm, perhaps best he, in his own words, chose to respond with a "dignified silence"

    the reporter responds

    and finally, in hindsight we now know that 7 News have totally misrepresented the story context, content, missed what the actual story was here (that actual story would have been far more explosive for them to have covered why the soldiers are inadequately resourced)

  2. More on this topic

    Seems like 7 are the only ones distracted by this issue, why?

    Here is quite an interesting point - Did his staff screw up (keep in mind his staff run the Liberal party)

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