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Friday, February 4, 2011

Climate talk is hot air

As if things weren't bad enough, now we have self claimed climate expert and advisor to the government on all things hot air; Professor Ross Garnut; warning us that things were going to get worse. There is, he says, likely to be more big cyclones, and more flooding, in the future and it will be worse in the future... he said.

Which was a most interesting statement because it seems like only last year that he and his gang of Ducky Lucky and Ducey Lucy were running around telling us that Australia will be in permanent drought, we won't see rainfall on this continent again and we'll need to build desal plants.

Lets not forget that other people are taking the Professor's warnings seriously, a number of states starting installing desal plants when it looked like their dams would never be full again, and now those dams are full, and overflowing.
There are also a lot of other countries like Indonesia doing something about preparing for climate change if it does happen, and they are also doing it with money from Australian taxpayers, Turn It Up, I'm Michael Robinson



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