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Monday, February 14, 2011

The failure of modern multi-culturalism

After many years, more people are calling the policy of “Modern Multi-Culturalism” the failure it is, this isn't about a policy of people getting along, what modern multi-culturalism is all about is ...division.

For anyone who really wants to debate this issue of multi-culturalsim lets put the name calling aside and get to the real issues of this policy failure that has been criticised for well over a decade.
Critics includes people as diverse as Pauline Hanson to the current British Prime Minister who recently raised concerns about what the Germans call a multi-kulti policy that divides the community, where people are divided based on trivial superficial lines such as skin colour, or place of birth.
The modern multi-culturalism policy fractures communities to further divide groups by their differences and pit themselves against everyone else as they campaign for bonus funding and special treatment.

Of course we all have our own family heritage, our own way of doing things ... and our own backgrounds but we still need to work and live together, accepting each other and be unified in some common community.

So instead of uniting people, governments continue with a policy that divides people based on genetics, skin colour or even place of birth . Turn It Up.



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  1. OK I've already said it is a failure, but then, every now and again there is a hint that the division might be replaced with common unity, in short the Common-wealth......David Penberthy makes some great points in this article from Punch