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Friday, February 18, 2011

Multi-Cultural-ism costs unwanted

First we had the BER, then the insulation program , what was it then? Grocery Watch and other watches and now a flood and disaster levy is necessary because the government cannot find the money any where else.
I guess it is difficult to find that sort of money when you are announcing new government bureaucracies every month.
The Greens want the government to throw in lazy $100 million on so called green subsidy programs, just because the Greens are in the parliamentary blackmail position and they can demand it.

Then late this week to top it all off despite respected world leaders saying that where people do not integrate multiculturalism has been a failure the Australian government is going to spend more of our money, money they've just told us they don't have enough of, in an attempt to brain wash the community into thinking that people who come here don't need to support our way of life or support our values or constitution. The Immigration Minister wants to spend our public money telling us that we have to change our thinking and change our ways so that other people, even people who hate us, feel more welcomed and they get to dictate to us how we can live in our country so they can preserve their way of life, and change ours.
Under his plan they do not need to integrate or become a part of the Australian community because that, as they say is modern Multi-Cultural-ism - … Turn It UP.



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