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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Road safety message confused

On of the very two important lessons talked about by country drivers is you don't swerve for a roo or a dog or any other animal on the road, ah but the question remains do you brake or do you run it down?
Been in this position myself a few times, particularly travelling in the early morning and late afternoon and I've got to say it is a time of day I try to avoid now, because as most people will know more people are killed and injured trying to swerve to miss an animal so the advice given is don't swerve.

Well one local campervan hire company has upset quite a few people for putting various stickers on their dashboards saying “Run the roos down”.
Apparently their intention was to say don't swerve or you might kill yourself, however if you look at the stickers they do certainly look like a dare or a challenge to see if drivers can score themselves a roo hit and I would hope that before they sign away a vehicle, the hire company would make it very clear to drivers that they are driving in Australia now and as back-pakers they need to drive with care and act responsibly, yeh I know Turn It Up.



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