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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do we get...Value for public money spent.

I thought today I'd just take a look at one aspect of one issue, of the BER, Building Education Revolution, and the Stimulus payments and why the Federal Opposition are listening to the public and focussing on this issue.

This is something that I have been disappointed in the independents in the parliament and their lack of interest in requiring the government to focus on getting value for money when it spends the public money.

The government's intention and focus for the stimulus spending was.... to spend it, it was not the government's focus or priority to get value for money, that would have delayed projects and their focus and intention was to spend that money quickly.
When asked about value for money at the time the government's response was along the lines of … spend it and spend it fast and don't worry about those sorts of things.
So now we are supposed to believe that just because Julia Gillard said the magic words “value for money” suddenly the entire focus of this government has done a one eighty from one that spends money as quickly as it possibly can, with very little concern about value for money to now be a government that is focussed on getting value for money? 
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