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Friday, February 11, 2011

Who should contribute to government cut backs?

Today given the debate over the issue I thought I should take a look at what the Liberal party's alternative to the flood levy is, particularly the item that has caused Julie Bishop to express her concerns.
A lot of government overseas aid programs are essentially trade linked, in other words those countries buy our products and our government chips in to help that country's poor out, you just can't cut those because they'd stop our trade.

Well the $448 million in Australia aid for Indonesian schools program is also among the figures up for consideration, it is essential an outreach program to let young Indonesians know that Australia is their friend . The program is support education options in Indonesia that we agree with, in place of what otherwise might be a more Muslim extremist influence young Indonesians might have in their life.

When we fully understand what that money is for it certainly seems like it is in our national interest, and it is a worthwhile program for us to help out in some way, when we can. 

 However at times like these when there is great and urgent need within our own nation should we consider tightening the belt on some of our international generosity, perhaps tighten at least some of our government's spending or is it to be that only Australians will be affected by the government's cut backs and tax increases? 

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  1. I forgot to put this link above

    Cutting back on Australian rent support for people who otherwise are homeless and funding education options for people overseas does seem contradictory