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Friday, February 25, 2011

Is A Broken Election Promise A Lie?

During the last Federal election campaign Julia Gillard famously said that there would be no carbon tax in any government she led, so at least she could have had the decency to work out the details and take that to the next election and say here are the details, this is a democracy, it is time to have your say.
But no, apparently the democratic process that the Greens and The Prime Minister talk so much about isn't good enough for Australia's parliament that was elected on the promise of no carbon tax.
Yesterday she announced that there will be a Carbon tax, so the question we all want answered is she not in charge or were we lied to?

Lying is such a harsh word isn't it, so lets look at the evidence, the Prime Minister holds a press conference yesterday to announce that the Government is adopting the Green's policy on carbon tax and Bob Brown is there, standing beside the PM just like he's operating his puppet.
Well that is basically what happened yesterday the Australian public was told that everything the real Julia Gillard said and promised during the election campaign is no longer valid any more, they aren't lies or broken promises, its just that she isn't the real Julia any-more …
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