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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are beauty pageants any different to other children's activities?

Good morning 

There has been a lot of public discussion over the past two weeks about the children’s beauty pageant industry that has been brought over from America and launched here in Australia.

I have to be careful about this one because I feel quite strongly about this.  

So lets consider this issue not just in context about my own children, but also think about those children involved, some will indeed be having childhood fun, but of course others...well.

A lot of people have taken strong offence with the look of the pageant contestants dressing up in extreme ways.

Although their mums describe them as dressing up as little princesses others have described them as dressing up to much like adults.

Frankly I don’t know too many adults who dress that way.

The more I look at it I don’t see much difference between many other activities be they sports, music or drama.

There is potential there for a great children’s activity in every one of these activities but there is ALSO a line that some parents cross.

Do we ban everything because some parents take their enthusiasm too far?

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