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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Public not holding breath on political integrity question

Public hopes ride high that protest rallies like the No Carbon Tax Call an Election Rally being held in Canberra today will get the Federal Government’s attention  and return Australia to a democracy of the people not a select committee of a handful of people running their own agenda.

The public voice is a powerful thing, in most times, but with this government so intent on breaking their election promise and doing the bidding of socialist extremist interest groups that they no longer have any honour with the people for their continued demonstrations of their lack of political integrity.

It is a simple message.

If you wish to take on major reforms then you must be honest with the people and this government has not been.

So will a public rally change that, or even a series of them?  Only time will tell.

Frankly I’m not holding my breath.

Perhaps those dedicated activists who are keen to reduce man made carbon dioxide emissions … might hold theirs … and give us all a break from this insanity.

Calling carbon dioxide a pollutant

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