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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Has Fred Nile gone too and damaged freedom of religion this time?

Thursday morning's topic for Thursday 4th August 2011

Morning Di,

The issue of ethics classes in NSW schools has created quite a stir since the NSW election and this week the Sydney Morning Herald published an interesting and controversial article from Charlie Fine, an 11 year old attends ethics classes because that was the choice made by his family.

On the other side of this debate is Leader of The Christian Democratic Party Rev. Fred Nile MLC who has indicated to the NSW Premier that if ethics classes continue in NSW schools then he may withdraw his support of crucial government legislation.

Frankly I think Fred Nile is doing more harm than good for freedom of religion with his stand on this issue

Religious education classes in public schools are not about one particular religion.  They are about the freedom of choice of religious education.

These classes are protected by the Constitution to ensure that parents are able to have a representative from their religion teach their children about their family’s religious beliefs.
If the parent’s choice is for their child to attend an ethics class over religious scripture class should it be up to Fred Nile to hold a family’s freedom of religion to ransom?

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Didn't know this one at the time but John Dickson from CPX drew my attention to this ABC post by Simon Smart who is a Director of the Centre for Public Christianity.




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  1. In fairness on this issue, here is the published SMH article by Rev. Fred Nile MLC