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Monday, August 22, 2011

What are our priorities?

Good Morning Grant and Welcome back

Despite all the talk about a few thousand immigrants arriving here by boat or the millions of taxpayer dollars that Australia sends to a handful of countries for aid there are still a large group of people the world usually forgets about, people who need help in their homeland.

We are told by our government that we need to spend Billions upon Billions of dollars  to save people of the future from the possible risks and effects of possible global warming.

Right now in Africa there are people dying - this year - from famines and drought - from crop failures and the lack of food and water.

Not just a few people.  Over 15 million people need immediate assistance.
For them there is not enough food and water for this year.

When governments representing us tell them that we CARE about cows and sheep and what happens to them,
...but we  don’t do anything to help starving people around the world...

... I expect they’d be thinking.....

… Turn It Up
… I’m Michael Robinson

Want to help. A friend of mine runs this charity I can recommend them to you.





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