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Friday, August 26, 2011

Friendly Helpful Personalised Service - and from a Computer Support Company too...

Morning Dianne,

(we love Dianne but Grant is back next week)

I want to thank the company who called me up at home recently offering to help me with my computer.

They told me they were willing to help me and despite the poor phone line and bad international phone line echo, they said they were based in Melbourne and told me the weather down there was great.

I guess they enjoy the rain Melbourne were getting at the time.

Then the nice lady spent over half an hour talking to me and telling me about all the errors on my computer that their Windows support company had been getting reports about.

Now you can imagine my surprise because ...

It is hard to get good personalised service like this today,

When I was concerned about the costs and charges she assured me that they weren’t going to ask me to pay anything at all.

All they wanted me to do was go to a log-me-in website and allow their technicians to show me the errors on my computer and they would fix it right up for me, no charge.

I was so disappointed, this was that scam that gains remote computer access to your computer

... friendly helpful service? ... ...Turn It Up

I’m Michael Robinson

p.s. Thankfully the team at Bow Bowing Plumbing are a good Australian business and do give friendly quality service. I want to thank them for their ongoing support even though I was singing their praises a long time ago because I know them and they do give good service.

In plumbing take a bow Bow Bowing, and as for that Windows Support company .... nick off.


Earlier this week I mentioned Dr George O'Neills work with Naltrexone Implants - for more information see

This week a charity in focus - visit this link



Proudly supported by:

I want to thank the team from Bow Bow Plumbing.
Commercial plumbing maintenance, based in (not limited to) the Sydney area.

I've known them for a long time and always been impressed by them. 

Bow Bow Plumbing brings a work ethic to the job that we need
more of in the business world.

If you have need for a commercial plumber, check them out.

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